Best weld color match for Architectural Bronze

Architectural Bronze Weld SampleAre you wondering what alloy of bronze or brass filler metal to use that would be the best color match for TIG Welding Architectural Bronze?

Architectural Bronze is a broad term that can be used to describe a variety of slightly different alloys.  This means they may have slight differences in color depending on the supplier.  The best way to find a good color match for the weld is to do a sample.

Please see the attached photos of my Architectural Bronze weld sample with 2 different alloy welds.  One is Silicon Bronze (left) and one is Brass brazing rod that is designed for the Oxy/ Acetylene rig (right).  These are the 2 best options for this application, unless you are able to cut thin slices of the base material to use as the filler “rod” for the weld.

With this particular shape (bronze top cap) this option would have been labor intensive, but would have been a perfect color match.

With the 2 welds in my sample the Silicon Bronze weld was slightly too pink (left), and the Brass Brazing Rod (right) was slightly too yellow.  However, both welds were a very close color match, and I left the decision to the client after darkening the sample with patina.

They chose the Brass Brazing Rod which was the obvious winner once the patina oxidized the surface of the metal.

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  2. I read this article about BEST WELD COLOR MATCH FOR ARCHITECTURAL BRONZE.I like this article because i learn many thing from here.such as Architectural Bronze is a broad term that can be used to describe a variety of slightly different alloys.

  3. Great work ! It’s really refreshing to see welding in non-ferrous metals and alloys. The color match of weld in picture shows high level skills of the welder. Well done mate. We have been the part of steel welding for a long time but never had such a idea about non-ferrous metal welding. It was good experience being getting this article.

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